International standart quality of service…

Ulusoy Karadeniz Nakliyat Corp. was founded in year 1975 in Trabzon with 100 % Turkish capital by Mr. Ali Osman Ulusoy. It initiated many in the field of international transportation and logistics in Turkey from the day it started to serve until today.

It became an initiator in transportation from sea port of Trabzon, Hopa, İskenderun, Giresun, Samsun to Iran, Iraq and CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) (inc. Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan) in year 1980s.

It made transit transportation from Europe to Iran and CIS at the beginning of year 1990s. It’s carrying out its transportation business between Turkey and Europe with the leader logistics groups of Europe within the framework of the “Strategic Cooperation Agreement” in the logistics center established in Y.Bosna, İstanbul.

Ulusoy Karadeniz Nakliyat which is entered a rapid process of change and progress, is continuing to refurbish its fleet with new technology vehicles, software and hardware investments. It adopted the principle of renewal by taking into account the changing circumstances with the importance of education.